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Export Sofas From Turkey

Updated: Feb 14

As a country Turkey is known for exporting furniture internationally. The furniture industry represents between 20-30% of all exports from Turkey and is by far the biggest sector that contributes to the overall exports.

Through this strength in numbers the furniture industry is innovating in many different avenues when it comes to the furniture sector. Take one example within the furniture area is sofas, where the sofa manufacturers are producing some unbelievable designs. From sectional sofas to designer 3 seater sofas to luxurious armchair sofas. So much choice is to have within such section of the industry.

The rate at which sofa exporters are growing they are becoming pioneers and market leaders within their field compared to other countries in the same industry. We at are a sofa exporter where we work closely and have partnerships with:

  • Furniture Retailers

  • Furniture Wholesalers

  • Sofa Distributors

  • Direct Furniture Importers

  • Interior Project Companies

We have a wide range of clients in all sectors, but the most important part of our growing relationship with all our clients is that we add real value to our products. In turn our customers can offer amazing sofas to their customers.

We export sofas that we believe would be of real added value to our clients in their own countries. We understand that customers in different countries have different mindsets when it comes to purchasing sofas. Take the United Kingdom houses and properties are small compared to other countries. So we have to cater for that aspect where sofas cannot be huge that they struggle to fit in the houses.

Generally when we export sofas from turkey we look at everything size, shape, fabric, legs on the sofa the finish. This way we are always considerate of our clients and what they come to expect from us. We always try to understand our clients needs when we exporting to a new country or client.

There are so many exporters of sofas from Turkey but very few understand the concept of real added value, its not necessary about quantity it also has to do with quality of the sofas that are being exported. Also understanding your client and their needs and working with them to help them grow which would naturally feed in more sofas being exported.

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