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Updated: Feb 10

There are many countries in the world that are hubs for exporting furniture worldwide, but what we do is we carry out the fundamental process and basics correctly. From the designers that first draw a prototype to making the actual sofa to checking all the specification for quality, comfort and the finishing. We pride to be a beacon when it comes to becoming a furniture exporter.

Our designers constantly look at the latest colour patterns and the season interior thats in fashion. From these latest trends our designers are able to predict which type of sofa would the consumers be after in the short future. From the moment of designing to drawing to finalise to making a prototype sofa to be finalised to actually making it on to the production line the whole process from start to finish takes around 8-12 weeks.

In this article we will go through each of the stage involving from drawing to finalising the sofa model into the main production within the factory.

Sofa Design Stage

Putting Pen To Paper, literally drawing what the end sofa would look like. After looking at countless latest trends, the designers would draw 100s of designs then narrowing it down to a few, from which they draw a in depth design to help the people that are involved in the next stage.

Prototype Sofa Stage

At this stage a replica or a prototype which is know in the furniture industry is made copying the drawing from the designer. The skilled workers who make the prototype would follow the drawing but also make slight changes and adjustments to improve the end result of the prototype sofa. Sometimes what might look good on a drawing might not be practical in real life. So the frame makers & upholsters make slight changes as they see fit so that the end result is near perfect.

Sofa Production

Once the quality department is happy with the production, then its finally given the all clear to go ahead to start the main production in bulk. The quality team ensures that the seating, back, front and sides of the sofa has the quality ensuring an amazing sofa feel that customers come to expect. Every part of the sofa is manufactured in bulk to make sure that a production line runs as efficient as possible. This is the only way that to get the costs down when 100s of the same sofa is made on the same production line in the quickest time possible.

The Final Product

At the end of the production line the sofas are checked for any little defects, faults and marks before getting packaged. The new sofa range are taken to the photo studio to have their photos taken. This stage is the culmination of at least 6-10 weeks minimum depending on the work load with in the sofa factory.

Sofa Exported Worldwide

The sofas are then loaded onto either 20 feet shipping containers or in most cases 40 foot containers as its a better saving. The sofas are carefully loaded by the distribution team in the factory. Then they are shipped from our factory in Turkey to trade furniture customers like sofa retailers, wholesalers, and distributors throughout the world.

We at export a fantastic range of Sofas, Beds & Mattresses to trade furniture customers internationally. We do this with a real passion adding real value to the end consumer. We are forever evolving to come up with new and bold designs that are market leaders. For more information for supplying furniture just get in touch.

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