• Sam Saaa

Hotel & Commercial Sofas, Bed & Mattress Supplier

We are always looking to forge strong partnership with companies that carry out hotel & commercial refurbishments or actual interior designer on a commercial project.

It could be working with a hotel with just 25 bedroom or a huge residential apartment with 90 apartments. We already work with some highly professional commercial interiors that are responsible for renovating new hotels within Europe & North America.

These interior companies bring us a specification with the sofa or bed designs detailing the colour and style of the furniture required. We then look at the specification order and see how we can carry out the order meeting both prices and quality and an agreement that works for both parties.

We are always looking forward to establishing even more new relationship within the commercial interior supplier industry. Here at we have a dedicated team just looking after huge projects for clients around the world.

So if you have a commercial project whether it be a residential apartment or a hotel project, then we would be more than happy to quote you on your requirements.

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