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Updated: Jan 19

This post is simply to explain the 4 steps to manufacturer a sofa from start to finish

The 4 steps are:

  • Sofa Frame Building & Assembly

  • Attaching The Spring & Base Foam

  • Cutting & Sewing The Finished Fabric

  • Upholstering The Frame With The Fabric To Finish The Sofa

These are the 4 steps that are the basics to make any sofa. We will now go in-depth into the 4 steps with pictures, so its easy to understand.

1. Sofa Frame Assembly

The foundation to any good sofa is the base or the frame of the sofa. Normally the most common used timber is 'Birch' or 'Cedar' but it could vary from country to country accordingly to the natural selection of timber for the furniture industry.

A standard size of 2x1 inch timber is used to make the frame, here you would also make the shape of the arms of the sofa as well as depth of the sofa.

Here are a few examples of the sofa frame, each sofa model varies in length, width and depth as well as the height of the arms and the back of the sofas.

2. Attaching The Spring & Foam To The Base

This stage is as important as the first as this stage will determine the comfort of the sofa. You want every sofa to have to soft but firm finish so it gets comfortable for the customer over a period of time. Nowadays sofa manufacturers use whats called a webbing which they use for the spring effect in the sofa. This is a much more cheaper and efficient way that to use traditional springs. As long as a thicker and wider webbing is used it give a much more comfortable feel overall.

As long as the webbing is pulled tightly and stapled down, then it will give that buoyancy feel.

Below you can see the foam attached to the back of the sofa and the arms, this is to have minimum impact from feeling the timber frame. There are different colours of foams that represent the thickness gauge of the foam.

Above you can see a more thicker foam used, this is for the chaise lounge section where customers would put their feet on, hence more foam padding required for extra comfort.

3. Cutting The Fabric That Will Go On Top Of The Sofa

Once the sofa frame has been covered in foam for comfort and had the webbing installed on the seating area, then the next stage is to cut the chosen fabric that will go over the sofa which cover all the foundation, springs and the foam.

4. Sofa Upholstery

This is the final stage where all the above 3 stages come together in a single process known as 'Upholstery'.

The fabric that was cut and sewn in stage 3 is now pulled over the frame and stapled down into its correct place in each corner of the sofa. Once each corner is in place it is stapled together so that any greases and crinkles disappear when the fabric is stretched.

At this stage it requires real skill and quality craftsman to achieve an amazing finishing look for the end product.

So thats whats involved in making a sofa from start to finish in 4 simple steps.

It sounds easy but you need all the different people working together to have a constant flow of finished sofas at the end.

Here at Sofas And Bed Exports we specialising in exporting sofas through out the world to countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa & The Middle East.

We are always on the look out to gain new relationships with furniture distributors or sofa wholesalers trying to bring new and exciting furniture throughout the world. So if your an importer and like our products then just get in touch.

We manufacturer and export modern sofas an well as the traditional sofas too, it all depends on the customers needs as we will work with each customers individual requirements.

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