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Sofa Exporters

What was in fashion 5 years ago is no longer in trend nowadays, whether it be clothing, cars, technology or in our case furniture especially sofas.

We always want to keep up with the trends of the market but more importantly being at the forefront of innovative new and exciting designs of sofas that hasn't ever been in production. In essence we want to become the market leaders and market followers.

When we manufacture and export new sofas worldwide, we have to look at all aspects of the journey from start to finish.

  • Cannot it be produced at value and be made efficiently.

  • Is it going to be easy to transport and safe to handle with out breaking.

  • Is it practical to the end consumer.

  • Finally can the retailer make a profit on the sofa.

A golden tip that we have is that we would spend an extra 10-15 minute extra per sofa to ensure that everything is correct before packaging and loading the sofas for export. We use highly skilled workers at each interval to complete each process to the highest possible specification.

Were always looking to add to our growing sofa collection which modern sofas as well as contemporary sofas. Since we are sofa exporters and sofa wholesalers exporting sofas internationally to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, The Middle East, Africa & Australia & New Zealand we have to make sure that quality of our sofas are at the absolute best since our customers are 1000s of miles away from us. So we make sure and always endeavour to check our sofas are 100% quality checked before they make their journey all around the world.

Never will willingly sell sofas that we are not happy with in terms of quality, price and design. We are sofa distributors to trade customers internationally so we have a trademark for outstanding sofas to export globally.

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