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Updated: Feb 16

Start with a vision and the rest is hard work and perseverance, we pride ourselves as outstanding sofa makers that are coming out with the latest sofa designs becoming a market leader than a follower.

We make a variety of sofas which vary from 3 seater sofas to arm chairs to corner sofas to even chaise sofas.

When sofas and bed exports bring out a sofa model you can find them in either as a sofa set where they come in the whole combination or just as a corner or chaise sofa. This way we can give our customers a wide choice from choosing what would work in terms of on wards resell.

As an exclusive sofa maker we would not bring to market a sofa model in all combinations as we want to keep our sofas in its inclusive market.

We might make a 3 seater sofa and a 2 seater sofa and as an exclusive model we might make a 1 seater sofa or an armchair to compliment the range but we would not necessary make a corner sofa.

But also we might manufacture a corner sofa or a chaise sofa but it might not be available in a 3&2 seater sofa. We believe that this way the customers have a more exclusive choice where certain sofas are for certain combinations only.

The overall goal of is to bring to market really exclusive, smart and elegant sofas which are also extremely comfortable with the latest design.

Have a glance at our sofa collections it shows that we make a wide range of sofas in different combinations offering our customer a wide selection to choose from.

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