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Updated: Feb 16

There are literally 100s of sofa suppliers globally all selling sofas to the trade whether it be to sofa distributors, sofa wholesalers or interior designers of just the end retailers. So what sets everyone apart from the norm, that comes to providing an excellent product at amazing value.

Quality is something that cannot be substituted for cost. The quality of the product in this case a sofa has to endure the test of time because on average the shell life of a typical sofa is between 3/5 years. People tend to change more furniture within the house according to latest fashion interior trends.

So when it comes to the manufacturing process extra care is taken here at Sofas And Bed Exports, we make sure that each stage of the manufacturing of sofas are handled with extra precision.

We use quality materials and equipment to help the staff to carry out day to day manufacturing operations. We invest heavily in the equipment and the materials this way the longevity is sustained for a much longer time.

We have dedicated quality inspections during and the end of the sofa production stage. This is to ensure that should any sofas not be of our high quality finish then it can be put right there and then.

We also hold regular quality training classes with your new workers, showing them whats required here at Sofas & Beds Exports. They may have good skillets individually but the key to working on a sofa production line is working together as a team and adding value to the overall company. So quality is always held as high regard in the company. always believe in bring amazing ranges of sofas to the market, we pride ourselves as a leading sofa supplier worldwide.

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